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My new bike

Raleigh GrifterRaleigh Grifter Posts: 2
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Hi everyone, newbie to forum and getting back into cycling after approx 28 years. Used to cycle to school. Now I'm in my mid forties and loving my new Giant Roam 1. Thing is, I'm really not getting my confidence back, especially in traffic. I sometimes chicken out and head for the pavement when trucks overtake me. Is this normal at first? I lust after those sexy, expensive road bikes but opted for the hybrid because my current fitness level is not very good. Any help and advice much appreciated.


  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    It is pretty normal to be nervous on the roads at first, just try and pick quieter roads until your confidence builds and try not to head for the pavement if you can. - a site for sore eyes
  • ben@31ben@31 Posts: 2,327
    Even after cycling for several years, as my number 1 sport / hobby. There's still roads that I totally avoid, as I don't trust the cars that do well over 60 mph down there.
    I'm always looking at online maps or map apps to find quiet secluded back roads, where sometimes I don't see another person. Bliss.
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  • Thigh_burnThigh_burn Posts: 489
    Totally fair enough. My suggestion is try to ride at times when there's less traffic around. It doesn't mean there won't be some idiot driving badly - in some ways there may be more chance as they'll be thinking traffic is lighter as well - but you'll have more space to yourself. It's infinitely more enjoyable cycling early in the morning when you've got the road more to yourself.

    The more you ride the more comfortable you'll get. You'll also get savvy to the roads you'll want to avoid at all costs.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    Google maps and street view are my go-to when considering a new route. There is a bike button on Google maps, but it isn't wholly accurate, which is why sreet view helps to see if there is a cycle path to escape to etc. Also your local council will probably have some info on cycle friendly routes (eg which roads are less busy).
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