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Edge25 or Wahoo Element Mini

andrew_macandrew_mac Posts: 5
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Got into cycling back in May and been doing couple of rides per week. Up to this been using Strava to track rides but planning on investing in a computer to save hassle of having to take phone in and out of back pocket of my jersey. I also want to measure cadence, as keen to monitor this while on saddle to help improve my climbing.

I have a budget of £100 so whittled it down to the Element Mini and Edge 25. I like the fact the edge has inbuilt GPS but prefer the simplicity of the Wahoo Companion app and the link between the phone and computer.

Wondered if anyone has any thoughts/recommendations based on their own experience of using either device.


  • Harry182Harry182 Posts: 1,169
    I started using an Edge 25 (with cadence + speed sensors and hr monitor) about a year ago and am fairly satisfied.

    I'd be happier if the 25 notified for Strava Segments - Live Segments would be even better - but realise that's asking too much of what's meant to be a basic gps bike computer. It's also worth noting that battery life is only "good enough" for a 4-5 hour ride (ymmv).

    Anyway, I'm fairly satisfied - I display speed and cadence during my average 2-3 hour rides and log ride data to Strava post-ride; the 25 does these fine and in a compact package.
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Go Wahoo, They're leaving Garmin for dust with bike computers. Whatever Garmin release is soon at risk of firmware issues.
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  • Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS can be currently had for ~£117 less cashback on numerous sites, Probikekit* have regularly had discount codes which knock it down to ~£103, like when I got mine ~2 months ago.

    Another of the negatives for some was kicked into touch with yesterday's firmware (there has been a monthly firmware update since at least June adding new features), it can now display up to 8 data fields, with some having multiple layout options.

    The Lezyne Ally V2 app is also improving, until yesterday you could only choose a destination and then let it show you route options, now you can create a route with multiple waypoints on the app.

    * Currently 6% Topcashback for next few days
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  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,997
    I have an Edge25, mostly use it for mtb but it was all I had so it went on the road bike too. I was quite happy with it but the battery life is poor for any rides out of the ordinary in terms of length, the longest I've had it going is about 7 hours. If I were in your position I would be keen to try the Wahoo. I was going to buy the big Wahoo for battery life (touring etc) but I made a silly choice to do with running/mtb and now I have a garmin watch and no money
  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    Find 2nd hand Garmin 500. Is way better than everything mentioned even if its old. This is what i use and i dont feel the need to upgrade
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