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Hello !

We are two MTB enthusiasts living in Salzburg, Austria.
We have an idea about an innovative backpack that will help you save money and space while enhancing your general outdoor experience thanks to adaptive concepts.

But before going into details (production and so) we know that you have a lot of experience in MTB and outdoor sports in general. This is why we created this small survey, which should take 2 mins of your time, but will give us valuable information about your favorite activities ;)

Thank you very much for your support, and don't hesitate to share this survey to anyone you know !

link of the survey :

Of course, we will keep you updated on the results ;)

Cheers !
The BacktriplePack Team


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    I'm really not sure what you hope to get from that when all you've really asked is what I like and don't like.

    Noting you've asked WHY I'm replacing it when I haven't yet decided to.
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    Have to agree with the above. Can't imagine you're going to learn much from that.
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  • Hello guys !

    You would be surprised about the results we can get ;)
    We already have more than 90 people who did the survey, and we can clearly see some common remarks/complaints.
    For example :
    -American riders are mostly asking for a phone pocket at the shoulder strap
    -First defect is zipper defect
    -European riders change their backpack because this one is damaged or broken
    -American riders change their backpack because it doesn't fulfill their needs anymore.

    Of course, all this is based only on a 90 people survey... so not realistic. But by asking the questions openly, you can see that a lot of remarks are commonly said. This is really interesting !

    We are going at the Eurobike Show tomorrow in Germany, to meet suppliers, and to take a closer look on all the details you all specified in the survey.

    This is really helpful and gives us valuable inputs for the development !
    Please feel free to give any comments or remarks that are passing though your head ;)

    Thanks !
    The BacktriplePack Team