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Sidi road and MTB shoes sizing

mankybianchimankybianchi Posts: 117
edited August 2017 in Road buying advice
Just wondering if Sidi MTB shoes are pretty much the same size-wise and fit-wise with the road versions?

I wear Genius 5 road shoes in a 47 which is just perfect and would like to replace my not perfect Shimano MTB shoes. Was thinking Bluvel ones – so should 47 be the same for them too does anyone reckon?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,720
    You'd have to assume that Sidi's sizing was consistent across their own range of shoes..
  • Yep, fair enough. It's what I expect too but given that Castelli clothing, for example, has unexpectedly variable fit in some of its products I thought I'd ask anyway.
  • rnathrnath Posts: 176
    Yep - I wear 43 in Genius and Dominator. No probs.
  • Just a wee update - sizing as expected which is nice to know. A 47 road shoe equalsca 47 MTB version. Hurrah.
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