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Bike size, L or XL?

rajdavrajdav Posts: 42
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I am looking at a bike that is only available in L. I am 6'3" with an inside leg of 35"
The standover height of the L is 32.3" whereas with an XL it would be 33.1"

Does this sound acceptable and with adjustment to saddle would this fit?

Any thoughts / experience much appreciated.

It is a Genesis adventure / gravel bike type thing.


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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,767
    Standover height is probably one of the least relevant metrics. If you can stand over it, that's all that matters. Ride both and decide.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,481
    The only way to be sure is to try it. I normally ride a medium in most bikes but my CX bike is a small as I use it as it was intended, off road trails etc.
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  • rajdavrajdav Posts: 42
    OK, Thanks.
    I appreciate that trying is the best option, but that is not possible.
    So, going a little small on frame size is not unduly problematic?
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    Genesis iO
  • ¾" is probably 2 pairs of thick socks... As before if you can stand over it, that part works.

    More important: the reach to the bars. XL will be longer than L, only you can know (guess) which is more suited to you.
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,104
    If you can't try the actual bike can you try another bike for size and find one that is comfortable? If you do this then you can at least compare the geometry against the one you want to buy. Most bike frame geometry dimensions are available online. A general rule of thumb is to go with the smaller frame if between sizes - as someone once told me, "you never see a good rider on a bike that is too big for them" - he's right.
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