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How to remove shimano bb41?

Blader1611Blader1611 Posts: 29
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I have a Scott CR1 and i need to change the pressfit BB but for the life of me i cant budge it? I have a drift (rocket type) which sits neatly against bearing and i have given it several fairly big whacks with a hammer and its not moved at all. I have given it an almighty whack which was way above my comfort zone for carbon fibre and still it wont move. So question is am i still hitting it too lightly or have i forgotten to do something? I have read that one person ended up having to cut his out so is it a tight fit,glued or just stubborn? Any recommendations?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,778
    generically - you need to brace the edge of the bb shell so that when you hit the cup from the other side the impact isn't simply shifting the entire frame

    maybe simpler to use a simple drift or screwdriver to tap around the edge, so that from the other side there's room to use a longer rod to brace the inside of the opposite cup against a wall (or floor), it could be fiddly getting the frame in the correct position for this, an extra person helps a lot

    alternative is use a bearing extractor (pushing cup away from cup on the inside), would be more gentle, but you need to find something that'll fit, or improvise something to do it
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