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PowerTap wheel rebuild - asymmetric or no?

munkstermunkster Posts: 819
edited August 2017 in Workshop
A mate's PowerTap G3 wheel* has cracked at the rim and the washer is exposed so it's most definitely new rim time. Having built with (and ridden a lot now) the Kinlin XR22T before I am tempted to recommend these for the rebuild rather than replacing like for like (sort of, it's a Pacenti SL23 that has gone pop so would need to be the Forza I guess). My Q is, I would default to the asymmetric rim on the rear, but is this still an appropriate choice for a PowerTap hub?

Alternatively would rebuilding with the Forza mean I could re-use the same spokes or is the ERD different?


*For the avoidance of doubt, I didn't actually built the original wheel, so I am feeling only slightly smug (and relieved!!) ;-)
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