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Reach and top tube

PadangPadang Posts: 25
edited August 2017 in Road beginners
Hello fellow riders,
Newbie to roadbike, and search for my first rb.
So i come across few bikes with same or near similar reach and stack, but different in top tube length and seat tube angle.
Will the ride and position on this bike be same between this bike, or going to be different?
And what should i look into to buy my first rb? The reach and stack or top tube?
Thanks in advance.


  • Jerry185Jerry185 Posts: 143
    Too many factors in buying a bike; cost, weight, gears. And most important, the colour. :D . Reach and stack can always be changed
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,198
    If its your first road bike - I would just go to a decent shop and be guided by them. That will mean spending more and/or getting a less spec bike.

    Alternatively some bikes now give an ideal rider height in the frame geometry stats. Even if you get the right size having it set up by a good fitter can help - but its not cheap.

    My theory is that if your younger you can get away with a non precise fitting (within reason) as you get older and less flexible, worn joints - you need the fit closer to perfection
  • PadangPadang Posts: 25
    Already got the design and colour i like, now onto the sizing. I'm 163 cm height with 75 cm inseam, the dealer lbs suggest a 52 cm, with 9cm stem.
    It that too short? The stem
    So new this rb, i don't sure if i feel comfortable or a bit off stretch is normal.
  • alzanderalzander Posts: 10
    For the correct fit I just look at the reach and stack. I don't think the seat tube angle will make a noticeable difference, and the top tube length is just an outcome of the stack and reach. I'm also a newbie though, so someone may correct me...
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