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Can you tell me the model of this bike? (picture in post)

ockidockiockidocki Posts: 9
edited August 2017 in Road general

I'm looking through second-hand ads, and I came across this Trek, but the seller doesn't mention the model. Can someone recognise it from this picture?



  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,479
    It's an Al framed 1 series bike, as the picture is from the left it's difficult to identify the model but I'm guessing from the shifters that it's Tiagra so possibly a 1.2 from maybe 2014 but the frame colour will tell you the actual date.
    If it's well looked after and my guess at the group and date are right I'd offer £200

    *'s a 2012 1.1 with Shimano 2300 8 speed compact gears.
    I have one (2011), it's a great starter/commuter/winter bike. ... -11-42493/
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