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Di2 Adjustment mode setting

SR7492SR7492 Posts: 190
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I found a neat feature via my Edge 1000 which shows you the rear derailor adjustment setting numbers when you put the system in adjustment mode.

However even though my indexing 'seems' ok the numbers are not right. On the Edge screen the numbers are:

16 / 16 / 16

However I believe the correct setting should be 16 / 0 / 16 with the centre number being 0 (meaning the alignment is right and no adjustment needed)

With mine being 16, I can't adjust the barrell up, only up down and getting it to 0. When I do this, the indexing moves out by 1 gear.

Any ideas on how I can get it to 0 and the indexing working correctly?#

Thanks in advance!


  • I think 16 means it's already fully adjusted to the right.
    Something maybe out of alignment if it's only in index that far over?
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