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Shimano Nexus Roller Brake - BR-IM50 - issues?

rumbatazrumbataz Posts: 796
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If anyone has experience of Shimano Nexus roller brakes then here's a question: the brake inner cable tensioners are unwound almost to the max in order to achieve good braking for the rear brake (the front brake is perfect).

Apparently it's a Shimano BR-IM50 roller brake system.

The left lever (for rear brake) has no play in it, and according to the Shimano tech manual, it should. The right lever, for the front brake, has some play and works fine.

Here's a photo of the left (rear brake) lever tension adjuster:


When I press the lever hard, the nylon lock nut slips slightly and has to be tightened by hand again.

And here's a photo of the cable tension adjuster at the wheel hub:


That's where I have to set it to get good rear braking. I know that roller brakes are not great and the bike is also new so they haven't been run it yet. However, should those adjusters be wound out that far?
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