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Ortleib velocity backpack

Wily-QuixoteWily-Quixote Posts: 269
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After thoughts on a backpack.
The bag is predominately for commuting but I am lucky enough to have some mountain bike trails on the way to work so stability on downhills is a nice to have.
I currently have a Deuter cross 20 air which is on its way out and, TBH, I don't particularly like it. I am only 5'8" but it never sits right, I can't get it to sit on my hips.

I am looking at an ortleib velocity (24l) but my only concern is whether it would be stable enough for the mountain bike part of my commute and whether it sits well on the hips.

It seems to tick all the other boxes that I need: waterproof, around 20l, visible - I don't need reservoir hose holes or other flaffage. it's not for hiking, running, skiing or anything else- I have dedicated hiking packs etc.
Anyone use this pack?


  • MrGrumpyMrGrumpy Posts: 288
    Funnily enough I’m asking opinions as well on this bag. It’s this or a Timbuk2 Especial messenger bag. Big waterproof and strong enough to carry a laptop if required. There are other water proof bags cheaper as well, lomo and alpkit gourdon etc. Don’t look suitable for carrying heavier items?
  • Ortlieb stuff is quality, go for it.

    I have their commuter daypack and that's perfect but more pricey and a bit bigger.

    I think the velocity doesn't have an outer pocket however which was one of the reasons I went for the daypack.
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