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Fancy helping me out with a questionnaire?

johnheliwelljohnheliwell Posts: 6
edited February 2018 in MTB general
Hi all

Long time mountain biker and lurker on these forums. I work for a UK based mobile phone manufacturer and I'm working on a proposition aimed at passionate outdoor fans (mountain biking, hiking, trekking, kayaking- you guys basically).
I wanted to ask if you guys could help me out by answering a few questions here I know that commercial postings like this aren't always popular, so the mods have agreed that I can post but if anyone objects I need to remove it, which of course I'm happy to do. I'm hoping that the ability to shape a product that might be of interest further down the line is something you might support, but I also know that if the forums turn into ads for vendors they lose their soul.

Thx in advance. Any questions / issues please post or feel free to PM me.


PS - E bike ? Are you 'hell no, you have to earn the uphills' or 'all over a bit of extra help'? I've got nothing to do with e bikes but all my mates are taking the piss out of me cos I want one :) In my defence I am getting on a bit.


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