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A Big Thank You! Sunday 13th August Leigh, Kent

MySweetMySweet Posts: 6
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On Sunday 13th August my husband and I were coming to the later end of our bike ride. Heading towards Leigh high street in Kent. We were cycling through the tree covered section before approaching the main strip. I had a rather impatient motorist hanging on my back wheel refusing to overtake me, even though there was no oncoming traffic.
The outcome was he decided to overtake me and I ended up riding into two unavoidable pot holes. My chain came flying off and ended up with a flat tyre, split in two different places. Luckily enough I wasn't hurt and managed to grind to a halt at the side of the road. My husband cycled back home to collect the works van to ferry my poor Black Beauty home.
I haven't been riding a Road Bike very long but on this day in particular I was quite taken back by the Kindness and Camaraderie shown by fellow Road Bike Users. I do not know if any of you are members of this community, but if so. I would like to say A Big Thank You to everyone who enquired if I was ok. Especially the gentleman who stopped and came over to talk to me as I was pushing my bike along the pavement :-)


  • katiebobkatiebob Posts: 208
    OH got a puncture on Sunday's ride so we stopped to change it. Two sets of cyclists stopped to check we ok and offer help/commiserate that we weren't within walking distance of a pub

    Thanks to those! :-)
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