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Cotic Roadrat

vegasfostervegasfoster Posts: 59
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Finally landed on flat bar steel. Smooth build, only issue was had to tame the Hope freehub beast with some Dow 111. Smooth ride as well, but more noticeable is just how sublimely quiet the bike is compared to the aluminum bikes I've owned.

Artsy subliminal meaning pic:


Obligatory scenic pic (just cruisin by the Place De La Concorde ;-) ):


Build List (weighed every last part for grits and shins (even including the bell!), but didn't bother listing prices as they fluctuate so much, but figuring around $1400 or 1100gbp + vat if shopping smart)

Click thumbnail to view (medium frame):


  • smokey_baconsmokey_bacon Posts: 1,639
    I like it. Its simple and clean. That deep green is ace.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    The green is much nicer than I had imagined, especially with the silver
    Been trying to decide between one of these and a Surly Straggler. Prefer the looks of the Roadrat, but not too sure about the rear drop-outs with mudguards/punctures
  • Hi, thanks for feedback. I pretty much went with green because I didn't like the yellow at all, but it does look a lot nicer in person IMO than the pics they have on the site. Also, I think all black or all silver components looks fine, but I went with a mix after looking at a bunch of steel bike pics and my eye was always drawn to the ones that had both. They just looked sharper to me for some reason, so I went with it.

    As far as sliding dropouts, yeah they really do suck. Have to get chain and disc aligned while prying them apart because they are 132.5mm. It's not easy. But looking at where the mount holes are located, it doesn't seem to me it would be any more difficult with a rack in place, but I can't properly vouch for it.
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