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Retro/Dutch bike for child

NikProwseNikProwse Posts: 22
Just got back from 2 weeks in the Netherlands, riding everywhere, kids on Dutch bikes (sit up and beg, swept back handlebars, easy riding). Totally enthused my daughter (12), who hasn't touched her (decent, and maintained) MTB in a year.
Looked around for a 'Dutch bike' and the only contender seems to be the Pendleton range at Halfords. There's one that suits, and it's very cheap (obviously keenly specced to meet the price point). That isn't a problem. Other chains don't seem to have anything similar for a child.
I brought back a couple of catalogues from Dutch makes, and their prices are OK, so I'd be willing to import. BUT gearing on Dutch kids' bikes is 3 speed and we live in Durham (hilly). So ideally I want the look and feel of a Dutch bike with UK-friendly gears. Before I buy from Halfords (I know guys, soap and water), are there any alternatives? Fingers crossed that some one has had a similar experience.
Many thanks in advance
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