Dartmoor primal 27.5 2016

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Has any one got one? After a few opinions on frame sizing for a female rider who's 5'5. The smallest frame is a 17 inch, would this be to big?

I'm not brilliant with frame geometry so any help and advice would be welcomed


  • The Rookie
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    Why not measure up your current bike and compare the geometry?

    That said I did suspect it will be too big (long) for you.
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  • The primal is not for me and this is her first. Bike.
    What's the main geometry points I should be looking at when sizing a frame up?
  • poah
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    I'm 5'7 ish and have a Dartmoor hornet small which fits well. the primal comes in small, medium, large and X-large. depending on her arm length/torso size either a small or medium would fit. I'd want a medium for top tube and reach length as the small wouldn't be big enough. I'd look at the geo for reach/stack/TT length and then compare to other bikes you can try. remember though that reach and TT length will change depending on the A2C measurement of the fork used.