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Newbie needs advice

NewarkFatBoyNewarkFatBoy Posts: 4
edited August 2017 in MTB beginners
Hi all, thanks for accepting me.

I'm after some advice and I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

I'm fat and I'm struggling to find a bike to cope with my weight. I'm 23 stone / 322lbs / 144kg but I love biking. I bike to work every day and I don't take it steady. I jump kerbs, stairs, ride fast and brake late and I've so far been through 5 bikes (Raleigh, apollo, rad, and a couple of cheapies ) and I either break axles, shocks, brakes or all of the above.

My question is, is there any mountain bike out there (without breaking the bank) which can take my weight and the punishment I give it?

Thanks in advance


  • I'd say invest in a quality bike, by the time you've bought another 5 bikes you'll have amassed the same spend as if you bought a good quality one!!

    I'm 19 stone arms and I've got a 2018 Whyte 905, was £1750 ish including pedals etc... but will last a long time pal..

  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    Are you jumping kerbs and stairs or mashing into them, there's a big difference.

    But yes a proper bike, even if it's a budget one will help.
  • I'm jumping kerbs and stairs. I'm a reasonably experienced rider from my younger days, I'm just larger now!
  • milemuncher1milemuncher1 Posts: 1,472
    Can you pull wheelies?
  • Not for miles, but long enough to get up or down whatever I'm playing with
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