SRAM Rear Gear Shifter Problems.

DonLykeBDonLykeB Posts: 34
edited August 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello Everyone.

Recently installed a set of Shimano SLX brakes on my Boardman 2016 Mountain Comp. Although I don't believe this could cause any problems I may have knocked something during installation.

Pretty much my rear gear shifter (particularly this one ... 7C288892UK) has been having issues.

Out of nowhere, the button which allows me to shift down (to a smaller gear) has stopped clicking, and only works when I press the button all the down, and then extra hard. So lets just say I need to press it extremely hard to get the gear changed when it used to work perfectly fine.

Any advice or experience on this issue? I can't find much info online.

Many Thanks.


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