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Reach adjust on RS405/505

henrysshenryss Posts: 5
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Hello everybody,

accordingly to Shimano Manuals, it should be possible to adjust the reach of the Levers above. The screw (2 mm hex) is behind the Levers, and should be accessible from behind. I tried, but even with a small L hex Screw there is not enough space.
Does anyone know how to do? Did you have the same Problem?(and maybe a solution, except desmounting everything?)


  • They adjeusted fine on my bike, both reach and free stroke. I just followed the instructions in the service manual. Have you got odd sized hex keys maybe?
  • henrysshenryss Posts: 5
    Hi lettingthedaysgoby,
    thanks for your answer. Actually free stroke should not adjustable on this Levers...are you sure we are talking about the same Levers?

    I mean this one (for Hydraulic disk Brakes) ... ils-46724/
  • If they are the RS505 levers then they adjust for free stroke as well, it's all in the service manual - iirc you move the lever to one side and rotate a plastic collar underneath.
  • henrysshenryss Posts: 5
    Ah sorry, you are right, on RS505 you can also adjust free stroke, while in RS405. Reach adjust mechanism looks similar for both anyhow, at least from manual picture. I do not know if on RS405 ist hardly reachable, or my hex screw as an odd size. Today I will try again...hopefully I manage it! ;)
  • Hmm, glad I saw this thread, might have to try adjusting things on my Cube as I don't have the biggest of hands. :oops: :D
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  • henrysshenryss Posts: 5
    I finally managed it!

    The trick is to push the Levers ahead, no matter which reach Position is setted, just push them towards the front of the bike like they would have the Maximum reach possible, and then there should be enough space to insert the key. Than, to reduce the reach, rotate counterclockwise,to increase it, ClockWise. Then it is a Little bit tricky to pull out the key, but I managed it, and the Levers are now much better reachable!
  • Had the same issue with the RS405 this morning. Read this thread. Found that the adjustor is designed to be adjusted at an angle using a ball-end 2mm hex key, no need to mess with the levers or to ensure you're 90 degrees to the bolt, just use a ball-end at an angle.

    I hope this helps anyone having the same issue that we've had.

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