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Google Maps & Android Navigation

5milestogo5milestogo Posts: 224
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Hi, I have managed to upload a GPX map to My Maps on Google, but in Google Maps I can only see it as an overlay and any navigation asks for new start and termination points. Can anyone help and let me know how I can use the self created maps in Google Maps for navigation. If not are there other recommended apps out there on Android which will offer such without a charge? Thanks
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  • What I do is create a route on Google maps (in a web browser on my computer) with way points. Then click on the option to email the link to myself. I then open the link on my phone and it opens in Google Maps and lets me navigate it.

    I have found that OS Maps is also good for bike navigation, it shows you routes others recommend in the area, which is great if you go on holiday somewhere new and want to check out where the good rides are.
  • davisdavis Posts: 2,506
    I think MotionX will do GPX navigation for free.

    I still like sellotaping a route card to my stem though :)
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