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Upgrade Ultegra 6600 to 6800?

kevin_stephenskevin_stephens Posts: 184
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I have Ultegra 6600 10 groupset with 6750 compact crankset

I'm thinking of upgrading to 6800 11 speed

Apart from the extra gear would I get a significant improvement in performance in other ways?
Would my 6750 crankset be compatible with 11 speed?
Would the existing brakes be compatible and if I changed would I get a significant improvement
(my Cero AR30 wheels are already 11 speed compatible)
should I also be thinking of going to Di 2?

many thanks
I want to climb hills so badly;
and I climb hills so badly


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    Shift quality is supposedly lighter and nicer with the 6800 STI's and derailleurs. Yes you would have an improvement in braking with 6800, 30% IIRC according to Shimano, you could also consider the new Ultegra R8000 calipers, they have clearance for 28c tyres too. You may be able to retain the 6750 crankset, would depend if you experienced any problems with FD shift performance and/or chain suck with the 11sp chain. As for Di2 is your frame compatible? Others can advise you about the pros and cons of switching to electronic.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    Improved brakes and front-shifting are the 2 most obvious improvements you'd notice. The hoods are a much nicer shape too. Whether you want electronic shifting is a contentious issue........
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    It's an expensive upgrade for a couple of extra gears. If you're transmission is sh&gged then maybe do it, but otherwise I'd save the cash for the next bike.
  • liamcahill1liamcahill1 Posts: 146
    So having used both the 6800 and 6870, I would prefer to go back to mechanical. The 6800 is brilliant, I upgraded from 10speed 105. The shifting is beautifully light and lasted me 3 years of winter and summer riding with no issues. At the current CRC price, it's a steal.

    Di2 for me has never been as perfect. The shifting is great, but I've recently had problems with it going to sleep. This is just a software update, but it means a trip to the bike shop...

    Pretty much any bike can be made Di2. The battery can be mounted in any round seatpost. It looks a little weird if you've not got internal routing though.
    Regarding the crankset, probably not the best. The teeth on the 6750 are designed for 10 speed and so are marginally too wide for the 6800 chain. For the sake of drivetrain wear, best to stick to either 10 or 11speed.
    The brakes are compatible, but if you're upgrading the group, it's cheapest to just get the 6800 set. Buying some individual parts comes out the same, if not higher than the whole group.

    That's my thoughts, although I guess some will disagree with my Di2 grumblings.... :D
  • Thanks Liam, useful information, the economics are complicated by my need for 165mm cranks which are not available as an option in groupset deals so I would need to buy one separately or buy each component separately. I seems I could "get away" with keeping the 6750 crank but wouldn't want the risk of extra wear or other problems due to fatter teeth. I'm still keen on the upgrade but will put it off for a year or so. I won't go for Di 2
    I want to climb hills so badly;
    and I climb hills so badly
  • liamcahill1liamcahill1 Posts: 146
    165mm are available on Merlin :D
  • 165mm are available on Merlin :D

    Oooh tempting....
    I want to climb hills so badly;
    and I climb hills so badly
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