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First clipless choice shimano mo89l

Only1cliffOnly1cliff Posts: 4
edited July 2017 in Road beginners
Hi all just after a little advice please.
I purchased myself my first road bike (giant defy) second-hand.
It came with some spd pedals. So I thought I might as well get some mtb shoes.
I've just picked myself up some ... ike-shoes/

Do you think these are a good choice?
I will mainly be using my bike for beginner club rides, commuting and sportives.
Any help would be appreciated


  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    All depends if they fit your feet... I started out with Shimano MTB shoes but found later that Specialized BG MTB shoes fit me better.
  • They seem to fit me fine. Well they do walking about the shop.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,211
    Yes they will be fine for walking in as the cleats are recessed in the sole tread. If they fit you and are comfortable they will suffice for your first pair of spd compatible shoes. I use the model one down from those.
  • Thank you for the replies. I will fit the cleats and get out on the bike and give them a try
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