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Converting from triple to single front chain ring

rodgers73rodgers73 Posts: 2,626
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I currently have a triple chainset on a bike I'm converting to a town bike with a relatively low tooth single front ring with a 9 speed cassette on the rear.

I'm sure there are issues such as chain line and so on to take into account in terms of selecting the right chainset and bottom bracket combo but can I use an ordinary rear mech?

I've heard of clutch derailleurs but never see many on sale and those bikes I see in the shops with my kind of set up seem to have ordinary mechs on them.

Any help or tips gratefully received!


  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,319
    Simple and cheap:
    Leave the outer and granny ring off and check how the shifting performs.
    Very likely it'll be fine.
    To prevent the chain falling off you can leave the front mech on or mount a chain guide.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 7,802
    I used a narrow wide chanring in place of the middle ring, has worked well, if it works with existing ring though that is obviously cheaper mine was bent anyway so made sense to spend the cash.
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 7,802
    Ps - also bought a bash guard second hand in place of outer ring -£3 well spent
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