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Santiago de Compostella south through Portugal tour.

remedy_7remedy_7 Posts: 179
edited October 2017 in Tour & expedition
I am thinking about doing this tour mid to end September.
Just wanted to check if anyone has done Portugal or similar? Recommendations?
I have done the Via de la Plata, southbound, on the Spanish side.
May loop round and do the Trans Andaluz, offroad trail.


  • I hope to set off for a month of touring, next weekish.

    Hearing a lot of negatives about Portugeuse drivers.
    Maybe I will fly to Morocco again and cycle back up to Spain, then do the south coast.
  • remedy_7remedy_7 Posts: 179
    Just got back from my tour. I heard a lot of negatives about drivers in Portugal. So ended up buying the cheapest Easyjet flight to Spain, which was Alicante.
    Cycled to Sierra de Espuña, where I had (have?) done plenty of mountain biking in the past. Alpujarras - bloody hilly. Rhonda. Seville for the flight home. I wanted to go further but flights double during half term holidays. Great weather as usual.
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