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Help looking for child seat for 16" Voodoo Bizango 29er

gazzarosegazzarose Posts: 9
Evening guys and girls,

I'm new here, as well as new to mountain biking (at least since my Apollo I had when I was 12), so hello all.

I've just bought a Voodoo Bizango, in 16" flavour because of my stubby little legs, to mainly use for a bit of fitness and as a training aid for when I can't get out on my Enduro motorbike. We had a son 10 months ago so looking forward to doing some family riding, but not sure what type of child seat I need. There appears to be 2 tupes, seat tube mount and pannier rack mount. The tube mounted looks easier to put on and off but concerned that the 16" frames combined with the 29" wheels might end up with a rubber mark on my sons bum. There then appears to be 2 different types of pannier rack, one for discs and one for non discs. I assume that refers to different ways that they mount , so with my bizango having discs that should answer that question, but I don't even know if the bizango has got the required mounting points. The seat and rack method is also considerably more expensive that starts to swing me back towards the tube mounted ones, so as you can imagine I'm thouroghly confused.

Has anyone got a child seat on a 16" Bizango, or even just a 16" hard tail, that could offer any advice?

Once this is answered and sorted I can then move onto the serious stuff in other parts of the forums about how to go faster downhills and not die while trying to pedal up them!




  • gazzarosegazzarose Posts: 9
    Slight update,

    I bought a Hamax Kiss today, tried fitting it to the Bizango but it didn't fit. It touches the back wheel and because of my 16" frame I cant rise it up any more. Hamax do another mounting bracket for small frames so I'm going to pick one up.and give it a try and report back.

  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Good luck with the Hamax, I'd suggest shorter rides to start with as they tend to fall asleep quickly at that age.
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