Oradour-sur-Glane France

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Anybody been here, worth a detour (about 100 miles) when we are roughly passing in September?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oradour-s ... e_massacre


  • crispybug2
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    Yes, I would say that it's worth the detour

    I've also been to Auschwitz and they both have an aura about them, both of them are eerily quiet as if the local wildlife knows something evil happened and they stay quiet, you just don't hear birdsong and the like.

    It's particularly important I think if you have children, history is the most important lesson and the greatest teacher!
  • andcp
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    Yes, I went many years ago and also would say that it's worth the detour. It's both remarkable and bewildering - the glass coffins and memorial museum had an especially profound effect on me.
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  • dabber
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    Yes, definitely worth a visit. I went a few years ago and found it very moving. If you do go you may find it interesting to read "Das Reich" by Max Hastings which not only covers the massacre at Oradour Sur Glane but the whole journey that Das Reich made from Montauban to Normandy. Oradour wasn't their only atrocity... Gabaudet, Tulle...
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    as previous poster said ..absolutely worth the visit it certainly has an aura but so it should do considering what occurred there,may sound silly but i found that nearly all the houses seemed to have a sewing machine something you wouldn't see nowadays, this doesn't take away how sobering walking around the town makes you think about the realities of war/atrocities :(
  • robertpb
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    We visited there last September in our motorhome, there is an aire to stay overnight.

    It is a deeply moving place and one that should be on everyones list of places to visit.
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  • Garry H
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    Just go.

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  • veronese68
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    Yes, well worth a visit.