Torn between Fulcrum Racing 5s / Quattro / Ksyiums

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I would like to upgrade my Giant PR2 wheels for a nicer set of wheels. I have read multiple articles, reviews etc, but incredibly I am still unsure as to which wheel to buy. Reason I think is I have not read a direct comparison between the wheels I'm considering.

Given my budget and research these are :

- Fulcrum Racing 5
- Fulcrum Quattro
- Mavic Ksyrium

Ksyrium Elites or Racing 3s are interesting but over budget.

I do not race but group/solo weekend rides, and daily commuting are the things I do. Whilst I am not that bothered with a super light climbing wheel, I do enjoy and choose to ride on hilly terrain over any other - which is why the Quattro is a bit of an unknown to me.

I don't know enough yet to have a strong opinion.

For my purposes a nice stiff, fast, and solid all rounder would be perfect. I like the idea of the Racing 5s or Ksyrium as they seem more of all rounder wheels than the Quattro... I have read however great things about the Quattro but the 35mm depth is a bit of an unknown.

Please could I have your opinion regarding quality and versatility? By the way the bike is a CAAD12.


  • lincolndave
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    Personally I would wait until I had saved up enough for the racing 3s
  • dannbodge
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    I had the Quattros and they are a great wheel. I used them a do a bit of climbing and never found that they hurt my efforts.

    They look the best (imo) and you get the slight deep wheel sound when on a smooth road at >20mph. They are really stiff too.
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    I have fulcrum 5's and they are excellent. I really don't think you will go far wrong with any of the above, it's all swings and roundabouts.
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    Craigus89 wrote:
    I have fulcrum 5's and they are excellent. I really don't think you will go far wrong with any of the above, it's all swings and roundabouts.

    Being in a position where I am having to dump a pair of Ksyrium Elites (after many happy miles) due to worn rims, I'd look at handbuilts.
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    Racing 3's are great wheels. Difficult to find that sort of performance/weight (which you really notice on the hills) gain for the price. You can get 3's for £120 over 5's if you shop around so compared to the rest are worth saving for. Only plus for 5s is rim width being 17c vs 15c for Fulrcum 3's. Not sure why they haven;t upgraded 3's as they have for everything else.

    Or look at 7's in LG, bomb proof and perfect all weather training wheels.

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  • SCR Pedro
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    I upgraded to Fulcrum 5s from Giant PR2s. The Fulcrums are lighter and seem to be better built. I paired them with Michelin Pro Race 4 23mm, and everything is so far so good. As for performance? I couldn't say, because my knees don't let me go past warming-up effort. I only notice the weight difference when I carry my bike up the stairs after a ride.
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    3's are being upgraded to wider rims, soon. But, for now, the Campag Zonda is the new Fulcrum 3 (with different lacing)
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  • Vslowpace
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    The LG 5 is fine, in a blind test it would be tough to split Zondas and 5's
  • dov2711
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    I have ridden all 3 and they are all good quality mid range wheels, would have to say that I fully agree with an earlier comment that the best wheel within this price range is the Campag Zonda.

    I ride them on my winter bike (Shimano Hubs) and they easily compete with my much more expensive "summer" wheels.
  • bendertherobot
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    I have the Quattro, they are very good. I doubt I'd tell the difference in weight with the 5. They MAY be better in terms of aero. Who knows.
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  • StillGoing
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    Save the money and go for Racing 3s. Even the old 2014 version are tubeless compatible despite what the tech sheet says. Light enough for hills and solid enough for high speed.
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