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Need Help with CAAD12 : Urgently need KP412 / KP309

Hendrix2430Hendrix2430 Posts: 119
edited July 2017 in Workshop
Hi guys,

I am having a CAAD12 built army LBS and the bottom bracket cable guide is missing, which apparently is preventing them from completing.

The part is KP412, see below:

I can't seem to find it online in stock anywhere. The bike is almost finished and just waiting for this part. It's in standby and sadly I don't have another bike at the moment...

I can't find the KP412 but I am able however to find the KP309. What is the difference, they look exactly the same to me.
Finally, if anyone out there has a spare KP412...i would be so grateful if you could let it go!

Cheers guys and gals
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