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Hole in Cannondale Synapse Carbon Frame

shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7
edited July 2017 in Workshop

I've just got a Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc Ultegra (catchy name) and have been on one ride.

I've just noticed a small hole above the bottom bracket in the frame, is this supposed to be there?


If so what is it for?


  • shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7
    Not sure if the image worked so here's a link
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    Yes, I've seen that before. It's for the front derailleur wire for electronic shifting I think.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7
    Hmmm. I have di2 and that seems to be connected behind the seat tube.

    Maybe this is for mechanical cables?

    I'm just a bit worried because I didn't notice it until after 1 ride.
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    I nearly said that! Took a guess at which side it was - it's for mechanical then. They have both but one is obviously redundant.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7

    Thanks for clearing it up! :D
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    If that was my bike I'd fit a blanking grommet or tape over it.
  • shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7
    Yeah I was thinking of looking for something.

    There's two unused holes at the front too...I was just confused by this one as it isn't quite as neat as the others and I hadn't noticed it, I was worried something had happened.

    My first carbon frame and first elecronic groupset...its awesome but I'm a bit nervous about something going wrong with it at the moment.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    If you bought it form an LBS you could ask them if they have something suitable, I'd be worried about water ingress into that part of the frame/BB area.
  • shakerbenshakerben Posts: 7
    Cool, I'll give them a shout.

    Looks like online there are specific Cannondale plugs for these holes so fingers-crossed they have a few.
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