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MegaExo BB - replacement crankset

chippykchippyk Posts: 529
edited July 2017 in Workshop
My 2011 Bianchi has a MegaExo BB with a 10 speed FSA Omega chainset. The big ring is worn and the crank arms are shiny from where my shoes have rubbed over the years, so instead of replacing just the big ring I'd like to replace the whole lot.

My question is, other than a direct replacement, which seems pretty rare and €120 from FSA, what other options do I have?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,720
    Your options are any crankset which uses threaded, external cups - so FSA, Shimano, or SRAM GXP, or even Campag
  • chippykchippyk Posts: 529
    Threaded external cups? Ta, I'll get on it.
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