Beginner bike trails around Essex

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I'm completely new to mountain biking and wondered if anyone could recommend any good routes for beginners around Essex , particularly around the Chelmsford area? At the moment I've only got a fairly basic mountain bike that I've had sitting in the garage for a few years but I'd like to try out a few trails on it before going out and buying something else, only to never use it.

I appreciate that Essex as a whole is incredibly flat, but as I don't think I'd cope with particularly steep hills at the moment anyway!


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    Hi, welcome!
    Try the riverside path out of town towards Writtle, then into Hylands Park. A little way before the gate into Hylands there is a gap on the right (at the top of the rise as you come out of the underpass) that leads into the trees. You can follow this fairly easily round the inside edge of the woods, including the far edge of Hylands parallel to the Golf course.
    That's a pretty easy start, and as you want longer rides you can add routes over to Ingatestone, and/or Galleywood.
    In the other direction, head past the sewage works near Sandon Mill, then follow Graces Walk up to the edge of Danbury. You've got Lingwood Common here, then the woods over the other side of the Ridge.
    Try the OS map option on to pick out a route.
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    Brilliant, thanks very much. For some reason Hylands Park hadn't crossed my mind, which seems like an obvious place to ride now! Definitely going to check out all of those areas.
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    There's some great rides a little further afield - Epping forest is great for exploring and full of locals. Worth the long drive is Thetford Forest - the single track there is perfect for beginners and loads of fun.