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My first sportive

Cycle4shayCycle4shay Posts: 15
edited July 2017 in Road beginners
Did the redbourn race day on Sunday, only been riding 2 months and have to say a great day. I did the 25mile course which is the furthest Iv been by about 8 miles.
Found it really hard to be honest but got it done in 2hrs.
I come from a football sort of back ground sport wise and I was taken back by how friendly everyone is/was. Often stopping for a quick chat while passing me bye lol.
The whole event was really well run and although I'm in peices lady I cannot wait for the next one.
Well done to those who organised the event.


  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,479
    Well done to you for riding it!
    If it outdistanced your previous rides hopefully you now know that you've drawn your own line in the sand, keep pushing those limits!
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