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Brake reach adjustment help

ThisGirlCantThisGirlCant Posts: 48
edited July 2017 in Workshop
Sorry if this is a repeated q, had a search but couldn't find an answer, and my google-foo is failing me.

I'm a lady with small hands/short fingers, and I'm finding the reach to my brakes too long. When on the hoods it is manageable but when on the drops I feel like I'm going to get hand cramp.

Shimano's website tells me there should be an adjustment screw, which I think I've found (small hex bolt on top of the levers). Logic tells me that clockwise turning should decrease the reach, but it seems to have absolutely no effect.

For info the bike is a boardman road team carbon (womens), and the levers are tiagra (10spd). Brakes are tektro if that makes any difference. I'd attach a picture but no idea how to on here..

Can anyone help? I don't feel too confident going downhill right now...


  • Actually I may have just figured out my issue. I totally forgot to release the brakes first...
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    Correct,, turn the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the lever stroke, page 14 of the Shimano DM-ST0002-04-ENG.pdf covers lever reach adjustment, bottom of page 1 of the Search by component section. Select Road-Shift/Brake lever. ... &type=ROAD
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