Bike for Mum with not very good balance - Cruiser?

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I'm new to this forum and kind of new to cycling in that I haven't cycled regularly since I was about 14. In recent years my only experience has been cycling at Center Parcs and the odd little trip on forest trails on my 14 year old son's Specialised MTB. What I have learnt from these experiences are:
1. I do quite enjoy the odd bike ride but I don't like traffic so will either be pottering along on back streets or on trails
2. I am a nervous cyclist scared of losing my balance as I have some very early signs of osteoporosis
3. I hate to have to step over any kind of crossbar so I really need a step through
4. We live in a hilly area and so really need some gears and I think realistically more than 3
5. I think I prefer hub gears (I know - I'm a real amateur!)

Not too worried about budget (within reason) as it is a present to me for a big birthday. I have been considering a Pashley Britannia 8 speed or a Bobbin Birdie 8 but I am worried they might be a but unstable on trails. So I wondered if a Cruiser might hit the spot with the easy ability to put your feet down flat and generally low stance - perhaps an Electra? Does anyone have any experience good or bad with Cruiser bikes and if so any thoughts on good makes/models? Would I even be better off with a 20" wheel folding bike?

Any comments/suggestions etc would be very gratefully received. I am struggling to get advice at bike shops as so many of the staff are bike enthusiasts and don't understand why I don't want a standard MTB.


  • cougie
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    You can get a 6 speed Brompton. It ticks some of your boxes but it's probably a bit more responsive than you'd like.

    I'd not go cruiser ,- that's gonna be a pain on hills.
    You don't need both feet flat on the ground. Just the one. Lean the bike over and you're as stable as anything.

    Fat Bike? Talking to people who have them,- they love them but I've not ridden one.