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Difference between 2 wheelset ? - Help please.

joppianojoppiano Posts: 9
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Dear all peeps.

Im totally new here, and fairly new to road bike.

I very recently just bought myself a new Specialized Venge Elite, 2017.

However, it says on the website it comes with "Axis Elite, QR" Wheelset.
But a few days after i picked up the bike, i realized the wheels that is on my bike is "DT Swiss R460".

So my question is, what is the difference between;

Axis Elite, QR
DT Swiss R460


I'd try to google the difference - However i had trouble finding any information about Axis Elite, QR Wheelset. The only Axis i can find, is a wheelset called Axis 2.0 & 4.0.

Regardless. I am interested in knowing the differences between the two wheelsets.
Like price differences and strenght & weakness'.

Hope you guys can help me out.

Best regards


  • ryan_w-2ryan_w-2 Posts: 1,162
    The Spesh Axis is a wider rim, thus would suit 25c tyres better.

    The DT Swiss rim is good, but nothing special at all.

    I'd personally go with the Spesh wheels.
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  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    edited July 2017
    Axis Elite are wheels made by Specialized. Those wheels are only sold with their bikes,not available to buy separately.

    DT Swiss R460 are rims which are available to buy as rims only. Both wheelsets will likely be built with a either Specialized in-house hub or some other rebranded hub possibly a DT swiss hub. The Axis elite rims could also be DT swiss re-branded.

    Both wheels may share the same hubs and spokes. So the difference between them won't be massive. Probably just the weight and width of the rim.

    QR means they use Quick Release skewers.
  • joppianojoppiano Posts: 9
    Ahh, i see.

    So it's not really a big deal wether its the DT Swiss R460 or the Axis Elite ??

    In the future, i have the plan to upgrade to some carbon wheels regardless,
    but was just curious, cause it said Axis Elite on the website, but was DT Swiss on when i got it.

    Could it be possible that the shop changed the Axis Elite to the DT Swiss R460, cause i asked them to put on some different tires, that wouldnt puncture so easy ? Stock tires was the S-Works Turbo something. What i got now is Continental Grandprix.
  • laurentianlaurentian Posts: 2,321
    There's not a lot of difference between the wheels - probably stay with the ones you have to be honest. I doubt they changed the wheels due to your request for different tyres (unless they happened to have a pair of Unused DT Swiss ones lying around with your chosen tyres)

    If you're "fairly new" you've certainly jumped in at the deep end with the Venge Elite (c.£1700?) and a plan to upgrade to carbon wheels already!
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  • joppianojoppiano Posts: 9
    Okay, thanks alot. Then i don't do any fuss about it anyway. :)

    Well long story short. I wanted to cycle alot more than i currently did. I had a used Specialized Diverge 2015, which was too small for me. Which i could feel in my knee after longer rides, even with 140mm stem & 400mm saddlepost. So i decided if I could go more than 1000km on this older bike, there was a basis to buy a new bike.

    Regardless the carbon wheel thoughts, is due to my research, that it's the best upgrade you can do to your bike. And tbh I love the look of some higher profile wheels. :D But also noticed the heavy price of those. But eventuelly - Hopefully :D
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    I'd say the DT Swiss is better and can be used tubeless so I think it's a good result for you.
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