Back Wheel make a metalic noise

jfparis Posts: 22
edited July 2017 in The workshop
Got some rattling coming from the back of the bike.

This evening I removed the back wheel to check that the braking disk are correctly tight.

As I happened to spin the back wheel perpendicularly to its main rolling axis, I noticed that I can hear something moving within the hub, freewheel assembly. Like something is moving within the axle.

My guess is that his is not supposed to happen but given limited knowledge, I am calling to the forum

any clue what this may be ?


  • philcubed
    philcubed Posts: 260
    Could be your bearings are going. Easy to sort yourself, videos on youtube
  • trek_dan
    trek_dan Posts: 1,366
    Could be a loose/damaged spoke nipple. If it is will snap eventually and send the wheel out of true.