Sore Shoulders and over Extending

Jaller79 Posts: 16
Ok im age 50 - but very active -

However after a few hours riding I'm waking up next few days with sore shoulders and arms - the outsides of the tops of my shoulders hurt.

Im 6,2 riding a trek mountain bike approx £500 - the over stretching is killing me - now on a normal bike yo can extend a stem - can you do same on a mountain bike.

trek 3900 xl frame.

or do I get new handle bars I ride off road some and do reds on ocassion - can you extend a stem and still control a bike or perhaps i get a new bile with less reach how do i measure rearch on the top frame.?




  • fenix
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    You can do lots of things to get comfier. Has anything chnged in the set up ?

    Is the bike the right size ? Stems can be swapped to help fit but the frame is where you need to start.

    any pics of you on the bike side on ?
  • Jaller79
    Jaller79 Posts: 16
    Would going down a frame size help I wonder - whats the thing thats extends a stem on a bike?

    Stem extemsion.
  • JBA
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    If you are over-stretching you need to shorten the stem and/or raise the bars. Extending the stem will make the problem worse.

    It could be that the frame is too big for you, but I'm not familiar with Trek sizing. For reference I am 6' tall and ride a M Giant Anthem. I am smack on the borderline between M and L for Giant sizing but found the reach on the L to be too much for me.

    As Fenix asked above, could you post a couple of pictures of the bike side on with you on it in your normal riding position?
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