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Login not secure?

pinnopinno Posts: 50,589
...according to my subscription Norton anti-virus.

Underneath the login, I can get a pop up box which states:

That this site is not a secure connection. I'll have to log out again to give you a better description...

The dialogue basically box states that I should not enter any personal information.I know that lots of people swap email addresses for paypal in the classifieds (done it myself) and without doubt, email addresses within PM's.
Should we be concerned?
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


  • There should be no reason to be concerned. I will pass this info on to our dev team.

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  • I get the same with Kaspersky. Not an IT professional and prefer to play it safe, so pretty much explains why I rarely login these days.
  • drhaggisdrhaggis Posts: 1,138
    The problem is the login page is plain, unencrypted HTTP. This is why, amongst others, Firefox complains too. I've tried to use HTTPS Everywhere, but it doesn't help with Bikeradar's login.

    I'm not too concerned with a random, single-use password, but still, this is poor form.
  • drhaggisdrhaggis Posts: 1,138
    Hi, FYI, if this is indeed because the login happens over unencrypted HTTP rather than HTTPS, this website will break with the next version of Chrome (62), which will not allow forms to be submitted over plain HTTP. Please fix. Even if I use Firefox.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    Just broke for me using Chrome 62 and the latest FF, Safari 11 doesnt seem to care likewise with Opera 49
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  • I think "pass this info on to our dev team" must be some kind of euphemism for roundly ignore.
  • pinnopinno Posts: 50,589
    I selected VPN setting on Opera. Now no one can trace my IP address but the downsides are that Yahoo home page has gone French and for some reason, Youtube thinks i'm in Russia.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • FishFishFishFish Posts: 2,152
    Your ip address is stored on a Canadian server where it can be seen. Use of VPN does not exclude tracking by your MAC address or by cookies. VPN is a plausable security solution but really quite easy to overcome.

    I would be reluctant to use a VPN offered by any browser. As an example - in opera look at settings then go to Privacy and Security settings. Look at the first of these - use a predictions service... What that means is that everything you type is sent to a third party!. Nord VPN scores highly - paid for but fast and with a good reputation.
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