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Change crankset: FSA Gossamer vs Shimano 105 vs SRAM Force Carbon

lukasamdvLJ27cA7lukasamdvLJ27cA7 Posts: 51
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I have CX/gravel bike with FSA Gossamer 46/36T 386EVO 175 mm crankset and I would like to change this to something shorter. My height is 1,77, insam ~81 cm and on old road bikes I have 172,5 mm, now will try 170 mm. And maybe 50/34T to make bike "for everything" - faster on road and better in "terrain".
Other things are from Shimano 105 5700 (shifters, front, rear derailleur).

The question is, what cranset is beeter?
I must change bottom bracket - now I have Race Face BSA to 30 mm and don't know what should byu - if I choose SRAM, I must also buy GXP, if Shimano, Hollowtech II, so...

- Shimano 105 FC-5800 50/34T
- SRAM Force Carbon 50/34T
- or maybe another FSA Gossamer / Gossamer Pro for 386EVO?

What crankset will be better - ie. stiffer, stronger?


  • Can't comment on sram as never used them, but I switched from fsa gossamer to 105 cranks earlier this year. Many people have said there's not much difference and gossamer are adequate.
    Well the 105 cranks are so much stiffer. I thought all the talk about crank stiffness was BS, but you can really feel it, also the shimano cranks shift noticeably better from small to large chainrings than the FSA ones.
    That's my 2 penneth worth
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    SRAM gxp is fine and easy to fit. Nicely built,light and stiff. SRAM Force sits only behind SRAM Red. 105 sits behind Ultegra and Dura Ace meaning SRAM Force is aimed higher up the Shimano chain sitting above Ultegra but below Dura Ace. If your choices are all within price range, I'd go SRAM, but then I'm a diehard SRAM user. ... ide-142789
    I ride a bike. Doesn't make me green or a tree hugger. I drive a car too.
  • I found Ultegra 6700 from second hand (very nice status) and... it's great :)
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