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wheelset - 26", quiet, light(ish) and < £100

QuickDaveQuickDave Posts: 30
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Hi all

I'm looking for some new 26" wheels for commuting and general cycling into town etc (c. 2,000 miles / yr ). If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful.

Features that I'm after are :

* quiet (reading around suggests Shimano make quiet hubs, I don't mind maintaining cup n cone bearings )
* light(ish), I'm fairly lightweight myself
* fewer spokes looks better ( not mega into bling though )

8,9,10 speed, factory manufacture is fine for what I need.

My budget is around £100. Alternatively I could get a new rear wheel now and wait for the front until the missus allows more bike budget !

The rear ones I have are worn out especially as the hub doesn't engage very well - after goodness knows how many years despite TLC.

Many thanks to the bikeradar community.



  • disc brake?
  • QuickDaveQuickDave Posts: 30
    Rim, actually (sorry I should have said).
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    I have an unused set of handbuilt wheels from ChainReaction that were built a few years ago for a bike that I got rid of.

    Shimano XT Disc Hub Front M756 32h Silver 6-Bolt, Mavic XM719 Rim 32h Silver 26inch, DT Swiss Spokes Competition Stainless DB Silver 2mm-1.8mm

    Shimano XT Disc Hub Rear M756 32h Silver 6-Bolt, Mavic XM719 Rim 32h Silver 26inch, DT Swiss Spokes Competition Stainless DB Silver 2mm-1.8mm

    The hubs are disc hubs bit the rims are for rim braked bikes so they could be run on either. My plan was to use them on my rim brake bike but when I got a bike with discs to just keep using them. Trouble is that I got the disc brake bike sooner than expected but it had different size wheels! Were fitted to test but run for less than half a mile.

    XT hubs are great.

    If you are interested able to collect from Reading or meet in Berkshire I would be happy to let them go for £100. They cost about twice that to build. Dont have any pics right now but could take some if interested.
  • QuickDaveQuickDave Posts: 30
    Hi apreading, am interested. Could you take a few pics?
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Hopefully get some pics tomorrow - just need to go up in the rafters in the garage and move a bunch of stuff to get them down...!

    In essence, they are much like this set: ... 48983.html if you select the XT hubs - although the hubs I have are the disc brake compatible XT hubs and the DT Swiss spokes are better quality. Some good reviews there.
  • QuickDaveQuickDave Posts: 30
    Cool, thanks very much. Fairly lightweight? I can PM you.
  • wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 3,056
    Damn, I should have asked earlier apreading, would have snatched those out of your hands at that price rather than go for some taylor-wheels ones.
    Intent on Cycling Commuting on a budget, but keep on breaking/crashing/finding nice stuff to buy.
    Bike 1 (Broken) - Bike 2(Borked) - Bike 3(broken spokes) - Bike 4( Needs Work) - Bike 5 (in bits) - Bike 6* ...
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Pics here:[email protected] ... 3714949043

    Offer open to anyone who can collect from Reading or meet not too far away - I dont really want to post them if I can avoid it. QuickDave first refusal if you fit that criteria. I will post them if I have to - you can see I still have them boxed but first dibs to anyone who can save me the hassle!

    [edit] - just to be clear, the offer doesnt include the disc rotor or speed magnet attached to them at the moment. I obviously left those on from when I mounted them to test them out for less than half a mile riding round the block at home.
  • QuickDaveQuickDave Posts: 30
    Thanks for the photos - I will PM you...
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