Moda Rubato

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My newly acquired Moda Rubato - Essentially a race bike so for fair weather rides etc. Got it for a good price on eBay - Previous owner hardly used it and its in MINT condition.

Basically its stock apart from the wheels - The original American Classic Victory were fab and light but I really like the wider rim and deeper section of my Vision Team 35 (plus deeper section wheels just look right on modern racer imo). I have also switched out the bars to some shallow drop carbon and the stock stem has been switched out to a shorter Cinelli stem, Finally the seat was swapped to my plastic white spider saddle - It looks harsh but its really comfortable plus it weights less than my Ti railed Sella yet it only cost £10 on eBay :)

Bike comes in at 8.6kg and that is with trail SPD pedals plus 28mm tyres and cycle computer and double wrap tape. Probably around 9.5kg with water bottle and saddle bag.

I was suprised that the Rubato (the racier version in their Alu range) still has clearance for 28mm tyres - Even have 4mm to spare. I really have no problems with the Microshift white gruppo, Its looks really smart and is lighter than 105 - Getting on for Ultegra weight, Shifts are positive and pin sharp.

Anyway hope you like.



Frameset: Alu Frame (7005 I think) and Carbon fork
Gruppo: Microshift White 10 speed with 11-26 cassette
Chainset: SRAM non series 50/34 double
Brakes: Ambrosio Dual Caliper with Koolstop pads
Bars: Hylixx shallow drop carbon bars
Seatpost: Barelli alloy
Saddle: Spider white plastic with CrMo rails
Stem: Cinelli 70mm stem
Wheels: Vision Team 35 clinchers
Tyres: Mavic Yksion Elite Guard 28c
Pedals: Shimano M530 SPD


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    mr_eddy Posts: 830
    P.s I am aware of my schoolboy error of not wrapping the little bit under the shifters but can't be bothered to re-tape.