Mavic XM-319 Rims

Macca79Macca79 Posts: 3
edited July 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,I'm looking at converting my rims to a tubeless setup. Currently there is a fabric tape on the rim covering the spoke holes, my question is ; Do I need to remove this tape first before adding a rim strip or sealing tape or can it stay on ?

Has anyone converted Mavic XM-319's ?


  • Did a set used Stans rim strips.yes remove original strip.
  • Macca79Macca79 Posts: 3
    I haven't bought a kit yet, but from what I've researched, the Stans Standard Kit is the one for the job.
  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    I have just used Stans, no issues. Gorilla tape also works well from what I've heard.
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