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Serously, I'm a small frame on a specialized Sirrus ?

cirian75cirian75 Posts: 95
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Looking at getting the specialized Sirrus Sport

I'm 5 9 with a 29 inside leg

Past bikes.

Giant Defy 2016 in a M, stand over was 770mm and as high as I dare.

Cube 29er in 17" ... hred-2016/

2004 Trek 4500 in 17" ... 00/details

The Geo chart on the special says get an S sized frame, not the M ... ort/115229

So I tried both the M and S sized Sirrus at the weekend, the M as to big and the S was pretty much spot on, do specialized have wacky sizing ?
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  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 5,781
    29" inside leg for trousers, rather than measured cycling inseam (feet ~8" apart, book wedged between legs with pressure similar to how it would feel on saddle)?

    I'm 5'10" with ~32.5" cycling inseam (I buy ~30" inside leg trousers), I would choose a medium or perhaps a large.
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  • cirian75cirian75 Posts: 95
    yeah, I need to measure and revisit them bikes
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,725
    My sirrus was a medium and im 5ft 8 with shortarse 28 legs. Unless the geometry changed from 2012/13 id have thought a medium. As per your thoughts a revisit is in order. Personally id look at trek fx or giant or similar or just get a roadbike. I couldn't fault my sirrus other than it was heavy, but at that time i didnt know i was paying for the name.
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  • I'm a very similar hight and my Orro Gold is a small, but fits very well (proper bike fit). I've always been a medium on bikes in the past.
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  • cirian75cirian75 Posts: 95
    My defy is 770mm

    The defy was close to the limit of what I could comfortably standover.

    The small sirrus is 750

    The medium sirrus is 786

    The Marin Fairfax sc4 and Giant rapid in a M are 750mm standover
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    If you've tried, and it fits nicely, why worry about numbers?
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  • cirian75cirian75 Posts: 95
    Specialized Sirrus Sport 2017 Hybrid bought, should have it Thursday, Leisure Lakes matched hargroves cycles-20% price and paid £540

    Size M by the way, standover a smige high but nothing I can't deal with.

    rode a lower spec in the size M in shop, bob on, non of they weird funky feeling the Boardman gave
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