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Brake cable outers (kind of)

the_hundredth_idiotthe_hundredth_idiot Posts: 813
edited July 2017 in The workshop
I have an old MTB (GT Palomar) which is used for riding to the station, etc. It's about 20 years old, rigid, cantilever brakes, etc. I'm giving it an overhaul at the moment - the BB in particular was very grindy.

I'm replacing the brake and gear cables and outers and the rear brake cable has some funny outers along the top tube and through the cable routing braze-on towards the back of the top tube. I did think I could just get rid of these outers (and use the little plastic doughnuts which came with the new cables) but there does actually appear to be a use to the cable outer. It goes through the braze-on to stop the cable rubbing on the braze-on. It's appears to be much more narrow than regular brake cable outer so regular brake cable outer won't go through the braze-on. I hope that makes sense.

This "special" outer is quite knackered now and I suspect is contributing to the rear brakes being a bit rubbish. Any suggestions where I can get something to replace it?

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