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Not a noob, but returning.

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Hi all, I'm just returning to cycling after a layoff of almost 4 years, caused by many and various reasons. I found out my now ex partner had got us both in a whole heap of debt and many other problems, when I found out, she'd racked up £45,000 in 5 years, which I knew nothing about, plus, she'd had to take out a bank loan off £5,000 to pay off her credit cards and siphoned off the money I had from a pension to the tune of £12,000. When I found out, I had a seizure on the spot, was ruched to hospital and kept in for two days, the effect of the episode was so powerful, it erased my memory from 1984 to the day of the seizure and for a couple of months afterwards.
I was very ill, close to death I'm told and if I'd had another attack inside a month of the first one, I wouldn't be here writing this now, very, very scary. I was prescribed varying types of tablets, including anti-depressants, blood pressure tablets and god knows what else, I was or less a zombie for a long time, I had to rely on friends to take to doctor and hospital appointments as my ex refused. Over several months I had many visits, was unaware of what I was doing and a danger to myself, eventually as I got better, more and more things were coming to light about what she'd done and how badly she'd treated me. As soon as I was well enough to cope, I realised that I could no longer live with this female or trust her, so, I contacted the local council and applied for a small house, flat or bungalow, within a week, I was signed up, but had no money to furnish it with and the council couldn't help. Luckily, I have a really great friend, who gave me (not a loan, gave me), £2,000! I went to the local British Heart Foundation shop and got myself the basics and set up home, my ex knew nothing, until the morning I told her I was moving out, the panic on her face was paralyzing. I went up stairs, packed the majority of my clothes and walked out.
For the first few days in my new place, I contacted all the utility companies we were linked to, called the Tax Credits people and informed them of the situation, got in touch with the DWP for my benefit and for that of my ex, given that she suffers from fibromyalgia, I arranged for her to get benefits for this and to help towards our kids.
In order to protect myself even more, I arranged for my solicitor to sever the joint tenancy on the house, that way, if anything happens to me, she cannot automatically claim my half of the house. I am concerned though, that she gets into so much debt, that when the house is eventually sold, there'll be nothing left or I'll have to fork out money to help pay of her debt.
It's taken many months, but yesterday, I finally got my Cube Peloton Pro road bike back and today, l should get my mountain bike back, I still have a lot of stuff to collect, including my cycling clothing and shoes, tools and a few other bits and pieces, but I'm happy, in fact very happy and settled in the knowledge that she cannot get another penny from me and never will. She's now living in our/(my house, I was the only one who paid anything) and all in, gets about £23,000 a year in benefits, I get £67.17 a week, but, I'm managing. I put on a lot of weight during my treatment, but since February, I've lost almost 4 stone and feel and look a lot better. My blood pressure is well below that of a guy aged 56 and I'm looking forward to getting back on the bike.
I've had to give up on 3 of my other hobbies, so it time to dedicate my time to cycling, regaining my fitness, stamina and endurance, I've missed it so much and as I'm typing this now, I'm watching the TdF. My neurologist, contacted my doctors and recommended that I be monitored every two weeks, which is happening, my doctors will not allow me to go back to work until 5 years after the seizure, as it was so bad and has taken me such a long time to recover. They're happy with me cycling, but as high blood pressure and hypertension killed both my parents, the job I used to do was very high pressure and the issues with my ex, I have to be very careful and if I at any time feel like something is happening to me, it's straight on the phone and 999 time.
Apart from the prosthetic leg, I have spinal issues, osteo-arthritis and chronic headaches, I take medication for all these conditions, but was shocked last Friday, when my doctor informed me, that within the next 2-3 years, I'll be resigned to spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair, so another kick in the teeth for me. So, another good reason to get myself as soon as possible in order to help me to keep going as long as I can.
It's a worrying situation for me, but I have to put this to the back of my mind and try and live life instead of fretting about it. I wish I could get back to work as I miss it so much, I was working 11+ hours a day and I thrived on it, but, I've been advised, when and if, I get back to work, I have to keep away from high pressure situations and confrontation.
It's been a very tough few years, years that have hurt me, been very lonely and that I'll never recover, but I'm alive, enjoying me life and have every reason to live and look after myself, something I have every intention of doing.

Don't let anyone tell you it's easy. :roll:

Cube Peloton Pro.
Genesis Core 30.


  • Alex99Alex99 Posts: 1,407
    Holy 5h1t dude. Get on that bike and find some joy. You might prove the doc wrong.
  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
    Chapeau, Alan - deep,respect for getting through and lifting yourself up by the bootlaces to this point. The very best for the future.
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  • Alex99 wrote:
    Holy 5h1t dude. Get on that bike and find some joy. You might prove the doc wrong.

    Apparently thats what Steven Hawking did. Nobody expected him to live nearly as long as he is currently doing. And he doesnt let his condition prevent him doing stuff, however limiting it may be.
  • courtmedcourtmed Posts: 164
    bloody hell, you're an inspiration. all the best with keeping it up
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