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Do you have a bicycle back hump ....

bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
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Odd one this as I went to see my bike fitter today. Funny story, but historically always had bike fit issues with shorter inseam compared to a longer body and as such always preferred a 'marginally bigger' bike than the size chart suggest, though talking a 56 over a 54 etc, nothing too big, usually I can ride anything from 38cm reach to 40cm reach dependant on geo. I am 5'9.5 and like most can ride one of two sizes. I find small frames too much drop due to bigger torso etc. For example I can ride a Medium / large TCR with 57 cm top tube and 170mm head tube + 100mm stem all day long. Maybe a centimetre of reach over a medium but the medium has large drop again rotating spine . Having had a bike fit last year after a niggle in my neck my fitter was surprised to see a hump akin to Lance arise when you brought me back and up, the classic bike fitter thing. I explained I feel more comfort on a 'longer' bike as my back / torso opens up and levels out. I did 50 miles today (245 miles in 7 days) and I get mid back ache where the spine rotates thus creating the aero hump on the fit. I think they call it incline spine, ergo not a pan flat back, though it flattens out with a bit more reach.

As such is there a right or a wrong. Should I ride where I am comfy or persevere with the hump which feels and looks unnatural. Anyone else had this issue ? When I put a 120mm stem on current bike he said over reaching 'technically' but I feel great. Where are you at with your bike fit ?


  • chrisw12chrisw12 Posts: 1,246
    Yeah, I'm pretty much exactly the same except I can't get enough drop on modern geo bikes. 5,10 short legs long body, I'm on 130mm stems would go much longer except, much prefer riding on aero bars so that I can get stretched out. If I compact things up then the hump gets worse. I think it's a case that we just all bend differently.
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    I have a hump I think, or more a rounded back when on the hoods but this flattens out when in the drops. I like to be in the drops with bent arms rather than straight.
    I would go with comfort rather than the technical correct position. I'm 5 foot 8, I can ride a 54 or a 52, prefer a 52 though. On rolling terrain I tend to favour the hoods, flat crit races I use the drops.
    I've had a bike fit about 18 months ago when I got my current race bike. I know I could go for a longer stem, but I prefer to be closer, this allows me to be in a more comfortable position on the drops - I feel in more control on sprints and putting the power down when I'm not feeling like I am over extending.
    I ride Trek bikes with the H1 position, they call it their race position. This in a size 52 works well for me. Back in 2015 I had a Medium TCR, I lasted with it for about 6 weeks before getting rid. It felt too big for me (the bike before that was a CAAD and a Madone H1) - the TCR just wasn't for me geometry wise. It felt fine in the shop, I even got a "shop fitting" using their rig to get the right size, but I just couldn't get used to it. Ended up getting another Madone.
  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Cheers guys. Nice to know I am not alone in this paradox of bike fit.
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