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FSA Powerbox Compatibility with BB30A ??

Spartacus1981Spartacus1981 Posts: 254
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Really want to buy the FSA Powerbox for my Caad12. The Caad12 is BB30A. I live in Mallorca and the guy at what I consider a decent shop is convinced you cannot fit it to this bike ? Can someone please clarify as I'd really like to buy one ? He seemed to think the Powerbox Spindle is too short or something like that and there would be no way to space it out / get it to work ? Is this correct ? I'm hoping not ...


  • MisterMuncherMisterMuncher Posts: 1,302
    Before taking this as gospel, be aware I haven't tried it myself.

    I have a powerbox fitted to my CAAD10 (straight BB30). To acheive this, I bought an adapter, made by FSA, which is essentially a couple of 7.5 spacers, one fitted each side to take up the "slack" in the spindle. It fits perfectly, chainline, q and shifting virtually unchanged from the FSA SL-K that was there before.

    Now, on the instruction leaflet for the adapter, there's mention of a different NDS spacer specifically made for BB30A shell/BB386Evo crank use. This looks to be the adapter you need ... b30a-frame

    I can't see any logical reason it wouldn't work. Apart from the differently sized spacer, it's the same procedure to fit as BB30, and that was simplicity itself.

    IIRC, the Powerbox comes with a few micro-shims to adjust preload as well, you might need to use a few of these to get everything perfect. Also, pay close attention to the extraction bolt if you end up fitting and refitting a few times.
  • Thanks for your reply MisterMuncher. I've sent some of this info to my man in the shop here in Mallorca to see what he comes back with. Would you know what other crank based options I have ? I don't really want to go Stages route. However, like you say, I'm sure this must fit !
  • MisterMuncherMisterMuncher Posts: 1,302
    In terms of bang/buck, I don't think stages makes sense outside of Shimano. The cost rapidly closes on that of better powermeters.

    I presume your 12 has some variant of Cannondale SI crank on it? The best value outside of a Powerbox is probably a Power2Max Type S spider.
  • Hi MisterMuncher. I have a Hollowgram Si I believe with the 52/36 spidering. I'd actually rather buy the powerbox as the Power2Max ends up being quite a bit more expensive with the rings etc. I don't know whether to just buy the powerbox and have done with it ? Like I say my main concern was will it actually fit and the guy telling me it wouldn't then put me off and now he's not come back to me ....
  • MisterMuncherMisterMuncher Posts: 1,302
    Aye, it would alright, although you'd recoup something selling the Spiderrings.

    There's absolutely no reason the Powerbox wouldn't work with the FSA BB30A adapter. It's a five minute job to fit, end to end. The biggest hassle you'll have is getting your Hollowgram off. You'll need a 10mm Hex and the wee Cannondale tool to get the NDS arm off, then tap the rest out. The Powerbox then just slides though the BB, and bolts on with a 10mm hex.

    I'll see if I can dig out the adapter instruction leaflet and post a picture later tonight.
  • Morning , can you confirm it would be this adaptor I'd need ? ... b30a-frame ... prod129932 (this looks like reducer ..)
  • MisterMuncherMisterMuncher Posts: 1,302
    The first one. Haven't a clue where you could get one, though. Qwerty cycles are generally a good bet for Cannondale specifics.
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