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13 Incline Alpha 27.5" Mountain Bike 2015

xe700xe700 Posts: 15
edited June 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hello Im here to talk about the 13 Incline Alpha 27.5" Mountain Bike 2015, it looks like a really good bike and Im thinking of buying it, the forks look amazing and so does the frame but the price is really low so I thought it would have some compromising features, I read the review and I didnt really get what was bad about it
I bought the BTWIN rockrider a few months ago and it got stolen, I didnt really like the bike as I didnt like the frame geometry.
The bike is only £300 on sale so Im looking for something of that range
The bike will be used for cruising round town and for some hardcore trails.
Im thinking of buying the 13 incline if its any good or the cube aim 2017 model
thanks the advice


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