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Is it worth waiting??

jonnyashworthjonnyashworth Posts: 547
edited October 2017 in MTB buying advice
After a break from riding for a couple of years due to setting up a new business and being skint/to busy I bought myself what was my dream bike, A Yeti SB66c which owes me under 2k and has 1x11, carbon rims, carbon cranks, carbon bars, pikes and a float x evol.
It genuinely is an awesome machine and have no intention of selling it but wouldn't mind supplementing it now the business is taking off and I can afford to.
I have been looking at the Jeffsy cf pro or cf pro race however have been reading up on 27.5+ and bikes like the Hightower that can accept both when / tyre sizes into their frames and I really like the idea of being able to do this. What I don't like is the Hightowers boutique price tag.
So question number 1 is....
What other bikes can accept both 29s and 27.5+s that are worth a look?

Question number 2 is...
Are YT likely to update the Jeffsy to accept 27.5+ as well for 2018s bikes?

Question number 3 is......
When will YT? Release details and specs for 2018s bikes?
Yeti SB66c 2013


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